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To raise nine towers had ever come to be. Even he, one of the few on earth who knew how to raise a building to such staggering heights, was struck with awe when seeing a great church for the first time. He walked slowly along the west front, letting his mind go dizzy with the universe of sculptures that outlined each of the three doors and spoke their messages to the pilgrims, clerics, and townspeople shuffling in and out. Far above their heads, three tall lancet windows, each with its own story to tell, directed the eye even further up to the rose window, nearly imobiliare bucuresti as wide as the three grand doors combined. He had seen the rose depicted in Villard's sketch, but nothing prepared him for seeing it in full glory. He continued on toward the bishop's offices with the joy of seeing the great church giving way to memories of the collapse at Vielleny and gnawing fears of what lay in store. ~ ~ ~ The trio waited in a small chamber in the bishop's offices until a plumpish man arrived, his face red with energy recently spent. He was clearly not the bishop, judging from his modest priestly attire. Please forgive me, guests. The bishop has taken ill suddenly from some disagreeable dish. I am the sacristan, and he asked me to ist you until he can rise up from his bed again. My name is-- He interrupted himself with a smile when he must've sensed his visitors staring at the remarkable device attached to his face. Two discs of gl, noticeably convex, bucuresti were held in place in front of his eyes in a br frame. The frame was in turn fixed to his head by two long br hooks that extended back on each side of his head and looped over each ear. The effect was most disconcerting, making his eyes seem inhumanly large. Tegridia spoke first, fascination in her voice. Those are lenses? Like reading stones? Yes! A delightful invention. This apparatus was made for me imobiliare bucuresti when I was in Rome this spring on a mission to the Holy See. I am a half-blind man made able to see clearly again. A miracle from the kind Lord, crafted by the inspired hand of man. Forgive my startling appearance. Here, try it on if you wish. He unhooked the br side arms from around his ears and handed the instrument to Tegridia, who held it in place outside the barbette covering her ears. With the seeing apparatus removed, the sacristan's face was suddenly familiar. imobiliare bucuresti Too familiar. Vital studied the fleshy contours while the priest isted Tegridia with the device. Remarkable, is it not, madam? Although, if your eyesight is still clear, the apparatus instead makes it blurry. Quite so, she replied, and quickly removed it. The sacristan put it back on his face and looked to Vital, first with a warm smile and then with a subtle of the head. Have we met, sir? On church business, perhaps? Vital swallowed the dry air in his mouth. No, no, I do not believe so. My name is Gaultier le Brun. The architectus? Well then, it is indeed a pleasure to make your acquaintance now. I am Father Drogos Ginestra. Moissac 7 June 1239 They stopped to let an ox team cross the path, sledging its load of stone blocks up from the river barge to the construction site of the new perimeter wall. Vital took the opportunity to weave the fingers of his right hand into the fingers of Tegridia's left, a completely unplanned move and